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ButtonGadget 2

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• ButtonGadget2 now runs on both PC's and Macs (Intel too!)
• You can now import icons for your buttons. Check out some opensource icons you can use!
• Each button's text can have multiple fonts, style and size.
• Great new ColorPicker plugin samples from ANYWHERE
• ButtonGadget2 now stores all it's files together in a single folder, making it perfect for putting on a USB drive.
• New patent-pending feature, 'SmartStretch™' enables you to perfectly clean off and resize virtually all existing buttons no matter the original source. You must see the demo to believe!
• KeyMap plugin now allows you to quickly add symbols and dingbats to your buttons.
• ButtonStudioPlugin™ allows to to quickly build your own buttons from scratch. Add glossy effects, 3D and other border effects, and even create the highlight along with up & down states!
• Brand new BittyFont™ plugin creates super small text for buttons.
• BittyFont™ Editor plugin allows you to easily create your own specialize bitmap fonts!
• Capture Preview plugin allows you to precisely crop and resize images.
• Brand new state-of-the-art interface, still maintains the ease-of-use and workflow which was the hallmark of the original ButtonGadget
• Create larger buttons than ever before.
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