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Image Styles

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Image Styles allows you to create original images and animations for your website. The program comes with a great variety of image samples that you can use directly or you can modify them to your liking. It includes lots of objects that you can add to your images, such as lines, circles, rectangles. You can even deform these objects, add special effects and filters and adjust colors the way you want. The image can be viewed in 3D and can be modified into different objects like torus, cone, box, sphere, and teapot, to name but a few. You can even customize the width and height of the image and choose the zoom factor. Once the image is ready, you can copy it to the clipboard or save it in multiple formats. There's an option to process multiple image files at once, and you can select the output path, file format, and you can also add text to them.
In short, Image Styles is a simple application that will enable you to create original and attractive image files without having to hire a graphics designer.


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